X-yachts X4³

2022 bestseller. The NEW X4³ has gone through a serious make over with a completely new hull and deck design together with many other improvements since its successful predecessor, that was sold in more than 100 pcs.

Our mast supplier John Mast has done a really nice job with the new aluminum mast that is 50 cm higher than on the previous version of the X4³. The mast trims to a well distributed prebend curve over the length of the mast and it’s as stiff as we like it – both in transverse and longitudinal direction.

The new hull design with wider transom and lifted soft chines suits the X4³ very well. The additional form stability is quite noticeable, as is the considerably less wake and turbulence of the heeled transom travelling through the water.

LOA (including bowsprit) 13.24 m
Hull Length 12.67 m
Waterline Length 11.33 m
Beam (max) 3.99 m
Draft - Shallow 1.85 m
Draft - Std 2.2 m
Draft - Deep 2.5 m
Air Draft (not including Windex) 20.26 m
Ballast - Std 3700 kg
Displacement - Light 9400 kg
Engine Diesel 33 kW
Fuel Tank - Std 200 ltr
Water Tank - Std 340 ltr
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