X-Yachts Xc 47

Danish shipyard X-Yachts has revealed details of its new sailboat, the Xc 47, which it plans to present to the public starting in 2024.

Long-time fans of the shipyard, which has been in existence for over 40 years, claim that they are united not only by their love of quality-built motorboats and sailboats, but also by the so-called X-feeling. This is not a specific sensitivity, but rather a whole spectrum of sensations that one experiences when enjoying something simple and at the same time functional, cozy and uncluttered, clean and bright. In Scandinavia, there is a concept of "hygge" - the ability to surround oneself with comfort, take a break, find happiness in small things. So X-feeling is yachting hygge!

Safety and comfort
The new cruiser Xc 47 is certainly not just a cozy and well-thought-out salon and cabins: the project is designed primarily for safe and comfortable sailing. According to representatives of the shipyard, it was designed for those who want to make long cruises or even circumnavigate the globe. Therefore, comfort on board the Xc 47 from X-Yachts begins with creating conditions for those who stand at the helm.

The deck was cleared of halyards and sheets by removing the base under them;
Four electric winches are located in front of the helm (two on each side);
The cockpit has comfortable sofas for those who will relax on board and keep the skipper company;
The entrance to the salon is protected by a windscreen (sprayhood).
The Xc 47 uses a new superstructure design called "semi deck saloon", which is slightly raised above the deck compared to previous generation models. This not only allowed the salon to be filled with daylight, which is often lacking in sailboats, but also provided greater interior volume.

As explained by Thomas Milecs, head of X-Yachts' design and engineering department, the design process was changed: a full-size yacht model was built, which can be tilted up to 20°, allowing for the modeling of various boat behavior scenarios in real conditions.

LOA (including bowsprit) 15.21 m
Hull Length 14.30 m
Waterline Length 13.17 m
Beam (max) 4.56 m
Draft - 2.30 m
Ballast - Std 5490 kg
Displacement - Light 14500 kg
Engine Diesel 80 kW
Fuel Tank - Std 500 ltr
Water Tank - Std 640 ltr
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